06 Nov

I have longed for making a kilt like this since 1995, when I initially got the kilt bug. I trust you will concur that it merited the stand by!

The crossover kilt is fundamentally a utility kilt in plaid. Same essential plan as our advanced kilts however made out of plaid!

The material is a woven texture approx. wt 13 oz approx 50/50 fleece and acrylic. This takes the incredible properties of fleece and gives you a more breathable, cooler article of clothing without the tingle of fleece!

The kilt is completely lined, however you won't require it being delicate in view of the mixed texture.

The pockets are lined to shield the plaid from sharp stuff in your pocket. The fold of the pockets are lined to fortify for the snaps. We have likewise appended external pockets to give you a spot for that large mobile phone and different fundamentals.

The belts have a sandwich of plaid with cotton in center to fortify them.

The kilt is accessible in 11 loaded plaids and accessible to arrange in more than 60 distinct plaids and shadings.

If you don't mind make certain to take an estimation with a tape over your waist bands, these are NOT your jeans size!

Snap Here for Kilt estimating Instructions

The entirety of our in stock kilts are 23 creeps long.

Need an alternate length? Forget about it! Try not to see the plaid or size you're searching for? Don't worry about it!

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